Closet Makeover


You know great style when you see it, but finding the time to source and coordinate the perfect pieces and accessories for each new look isn’t easy.

Our team of experts is here to help. We will combine your existing wardrobe and North42’s coveted wardrobe to create a look that’s perfect for you.

With over 30 years in the industry, Wendy Bannerman has extended experience in coordinating the most beautiful pieces from North42’s private collection. Wendy has worked with the most stylish women around the world and whether the consultation is in person, online, or on a call, Wendy uses each clients’ personality to create a truly personalized look.

Who is Wendy?

Wendy ensures each of her clients has their own, exclusively unique outfits - it’s your look and your look alone.

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Regular Service Details
Seasonal Edits of Your Closet

A review of what to keep and what to purge. Find advice on personal pieces whether or not they were purchased with Wendy.

Seasonal Wardrobing

Wendy curates a selection of pieces that suit your lifestyle, upcoming social calendar, and professional requirements. This Service Features:

  • Tailoring,
  • Delivery if required,
  • Dry cleaning service if required.
Seasonal Closet Turnover

Included with This Service:

  • Break-down of past season sorted into categories and packed away,
  • New season set-up with coordinated hangers,
  • Wardrobe clutter control.
Closet Makeovers (Including Design Services)

This Service Features:

  • Custom wardrobe design,
  • Storage solutions. 
Combined Styling of New Season with Last Years Season.

Included with This Service:

  • Wendy curates complete styled looks and photographs each look by lifestyle category: professional, evening, event and casual,
  • Photographs are added to a private login for clients to access digitally, in addition to printed copies organized in a photo album for their closet for quick reference.
Gifting, Image and Lifestyle Services

This Service Includes:

  • Image and lifestyle service recommendations.
Packing Services This Service Includes:
  • Personalized client packing. Wendy references travel agenda and packs accordingly,
  • Wendy specializes in packing "carry-on" bags for overseas travel that include a wide array of professional and event requirements. Dual climate offerings available.


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*Sale includes all items excluding spring wear.